NEWS: Carbon neutral cabotage

Published on: 18/12/2019
Credits: NOTÍCIA

NEWS: Carbon neutral cabotage

All CO2 emissions from NORSUL's merchant fleet will begin to be offset as of January 1, 2020 through an unprecedented partnership in the cabotage sector. Through carbon credits generated by the conservation of the Brazilian Amazon Forest and in partnership with Biofílica, a company that develops forest carbon projects, the company reinforces its commitment to the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

"In a scenario of climate alert, NORSUL intends to be a pioneer in the segment of industrial cabotage in Brazil regarding the theme of neutral carbon. This partnership with Biofílica strengthens our ongoing quest to reduce carbon impacts in our maritime operations. This is a commitment that makes us very enthusiastic when we look to the future," says Angelo Baroncini, NORSUL's CEO.

The proposal of the partnership between NORSUL and Biofílica is working to reduce impacts on the Amazon forest, supporting the conservation of green areas, as well as investing in the social development of local communities, in order to reverse the trend of deforestation and avoid the degradation of vegetation cover. "By investing in carbon credits generated from forest conservation in a highly sensitive region of the planet, such as the Amazon Rainforest, we advance in the maintenance of ecosystems, potentializing the generation of income for the traditional communities of the region, guaranteeing the value of the standing forest, which is the largest carbon reservoir on the planet" - adds Marcelo Bacellar, commercial director of NORSUL.

The announcement is part of a set of actions that NORSUL will define throughout 2020 for the use of environmentally friendly technologies in the coming decades and to carry out its operations in an increasingly sustainable manner.