NORSUL IN THE AMAZON: Sustainability and Innovation

Publicado em: 04/09/2020
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NORSUL IN THE AMAZON: Sustainability and Innovation

For our company every day is dedicated to the Amazon. NORSUL has been present in the Amazon for four decades, serving the region's logistics, always seeking to improve its processes, analyzing and mitigating impacts and acting in an increasingly human and comprehensive manner.

For NORSUL, sustainability is a corporate value realized in actions in the delivery of services not only aiming at the profitability of activities but fundamentally adding value to the product transported and to all stakeholders.

Our actions range from providing an innovative and environmentally cleaner logistic service with the neutralization of all our emissions from the waterway logistics activity through investment in forest resources through the purchase of credits generated in endangered areas of the Brazilian Amazon Forest (Carbon Neutral Program NORSUL) , the intelligent weather station on board our Juruti ship, integrated with the VOS - Voluntary Observing Ships system and our participation in GMF's Getting To Zero Coalition  in search of clean technologies to move our ships.

The Voluntary Observing Ships (VOS) is part of the World Meteorological Organization's World Weather Watch Program that collects, records and transmits meteorological information while vessels are at sea. The program has the support of the Brazilian Navy and the data and information captured are essential for the assimilation and analysis of numerical forecasting models, also contributing to studies related to climatic changes in the world and in the Amazon. 

Juruti is the name of our first vessel in the Amazon that collects meteorological and climatic data through digital devices connected via satellite. NORSUL already participated in the VOS through its ocean pushers operating outside the Amazon region. 

It is also worth noting that NORSUL became the first brazilian cabotage shipping company to use a specialized vessel for the transportation of bulk cement in Brazil. The Glory Tellus vessel is a  “cement carrier” controlled by NORSUL and has as a striking feature the absence of contact between the product and the environment. 

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