Sustainability is a value practiced at NORSUL. Proof of this is that the company started neutralizing its carbon emissions through the Carbon Neutral Program. With an unprecedented partnership in the cabotage sector in Brazil, NORSUL has worked together with Biofilica, a leading company in the development of forest carbon projects.

How it works?

The practice of investing in a carbon neutralization project is internationally recognized as an effort to offset environmental impacts on operations in different segments of the economy. The NORSUL Neutral Carbon Program works through carbon credits generated through the conservation of the Brazilian Amazon Forest. By purchasing these credits, NORSUL invests in reducing forest destruction, supports the conservation of green areas, supports scientific research and encourages the social development of local communities.

The objective is to reverse the trend of deforestation and avoid degradation of vegetation in a model where everyone wins: planet, local communities, company, customers and partners.

NORSUL commitment

NORSUL’s commitment to this program is total, as explained by Angelo Baroncini, CEO: “Trough this initiative we dare to promote the common good. Among our values are sustainability and collaboration. The work benefits several audiences: our employees, Biofilica, local communities living in conserved areas in the Amazon and also our customers, who have a unique competitive advantage when choosing NORSUL, since all the transportation of their cargo has the guarantee of being carbon neutral”.

Partnership with Biofilica

Biofilica is a Brazilian company, founded in 2008. The focus of its activities is the conservation of native forests through the sale of environmental services and the development of the sale of carbon credits, being a national reference in the legal reserve compensation market, with solutions in all modalities and biomes.

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