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Angelo Baroncini

CEO Message

Since ancient times, the sea has been a possibility for economic progress. Through its waters, the transportation of goods that feed commerce and the economy generates jobs, investment and also growth, with ample business possibilities.

Our Brazilian coast is a space for discovery, work, business and leisure. Its importance begins as a great source of resources and a source of renewable energy, oil, gas and minerals. In addition, it represents a natural stock of food, concentrating an immense number of marine species. Its importance is also reflected in the tourist potential and also in scientific research and knowledge.

Our History

Norsul was created in 1963 and aims to be the best and most desired option for waterway logistics in South America, offering its customers confidence in efficiency and sustainability in cargo transportation. With operations focused on the coast of Brazil and with support bases in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Santa Catarina and Maranhão, the company maintains its position as the largest private dry bulk, neogranel, general cargo and cargo transportation company. projects in the country since 1997, in addition to being the first in number of vessels and fleet size.

Transports to large industrial groups in different segments doing industrial cabotage.

Norsul’s fleet has a transport capacity of 290 thousand deadweight tons, distributed in 24 Brazilian flag vessels. Adding the foreign flag vessels of its subsidiaries, the company controls about 30 vessels with a total capacity exceeding 500 thousand deadweight tons.

Each day we deliver thousands of tons of loads and products


Our Fleet

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Bauxite Route

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The Steel Path

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Ethics and Compliance

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NORSUL has the logistical capacity to serve your company at any port in Brazil or worldwide.