In all of our operations on board, the three main points of attention that must be addressed by on-board personnel are – crew safety, ship and cargo safety, and protection of marine waters, fauna and flora.

Respect for the life, health and safety of all employees are NORSUL values. We know that individual conscience, safe behavior and compliance with rules and work standards must always be the guiding compass for the protection of human beings, and the environment. working to ensure that at the end of each day everyone can return to their families safe and sound.

Permanent protocols for COVID-19

Logistics companies in Brazil are guaranteeing the functioning of the country’s basic infrastructure.

Transport services in different modes deliver goods, food and products that cannot be missed by the population and are vital at this time. They are inputs, raw materials, equipment, mechanical parts and a multitude of items that are part of people’s daily lives and are necessary for the functioning of the areas of health, pharmacy, energy, agribusiness, technology and basic industries.

Faced with this scenario, NORSUL knows that it is necessary to redouble its attention and is working to ensure all possible care for its teams of professionals. Dedicated and deserving of recognition and admiration.

The company has been carrying out a communication with its employees focused on care and the permanent dissemination of information on prevention and health. In this context, it cleans vessels, vaccinates teams against common flu, monitors quarantines for crew changes, psychological support, in addition to working in line with the Ministry of Health, the Navy and port authorities throughout Brazil, as well as with its customers and suppliers. This is the way to guarantee the transport of cargo with total safety and great responsibility.

Your cargo,
our priority

NORSUL has the logistical capacity to serve your company at any port in Brazil or worldwide.

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