Norsul Carbon Neutral Program

Sustainability is a value practiced at NORSUL. Proof of this is that the company started neutralizing its carbon emissions through the Carbon Neutral Program. With an unprecedented partnership in the cabotage sector in Brazil, NORSUL has worked together with Biofilica, a leading company in the development of forest carbon projects.

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Preservation of the Jubarte whales

NORSUL develops, in partnership with the Baleia Jubarte Institute (IBJ), a Jubarte whale preservation project that seeks the best alternatives to reduce the risks of being run over by vessels in the areas of the main nursery of these cetaceans, the region of Parque dos Abrolhos on the coast of Bahia.

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Sustainability and Innovation

For four decades NORSUL has been present in the Amazon serving the region’s logistics, always seeking to improve its processes, analyzing and mitigating impacts and acting in an increasingly human and comprehensive manner.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Norsul

NORSUL has supported the Ekloos Institute since 2019. In 2020 seven Social Impact Business initiatives from NGO´s and Cultural Associations were selected. Those institutions operate in the city of Rio de Janeiro and have the mission of impacting society through culture and who have the desire to achieve their institutional strengthening.

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