At Norsul, sustainability is value. We dedicate all our potential to creating what is good for the world, thus promoting actions that align with socio-environmental responsibility. We work not only for a more balanced future but also for a more inclusive and diverse society.

In our solutions, we care about leaving a sustainable legacy for the community around us. Therefore, our commitment is to actively contribute to advances and actions committed to the three main pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. And so that everyone can act sustainably, we constantly work so that these three pillars can coexist and interact.

Our sustainability actions

Energy Efficiency

We are signatories of Getting to Zero Coalition 2030 from the World Maritime Forum, and we develop actions that seek the energy efficiency of our vessels.

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Social Impact

To promote and strengthen the development of social impact projects and businesses, Norsul supports initiatives through the Co.Impacto program in partnership with the Ekloos Institute. We also support several projects through incentive laws or direct sponsorship.

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Preservation of humpback whales

In partnership with the Instituto Baleia Jubarte (IBJ), Norsul is developing a project to preserve humpback whales, seeking the best alternatives to reduce the risk of being run over by vessels in the areas where these cetaceans are the main nursery, which is the Parque dos Abrolhos region., on the coast of Bahia.

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