Preservation of Humpback Whales

In partnership with the Humpback Whale Institute (IBJ), Norsul is developing a project to preserve Humpback whales, seeking the best alternatives to reduce the risk of being run over by vessels in the areas where these cetaceans are the main nursery, which is the Abrolhos Park region, on the coast of Bahia.

The project, supported for over 15 years by Norsul, focuses on protecting these marine mammals and has achieved very positive results, as the population of these animals has grown significantly in recent years.


The project received such recognition that it became a Sustainability Case, presented by the ambassador of the Permanent Representation of Brazil, Hermano Telles Ribeiro, together with international organizations in London, at the 67th Annual Meeting of members of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), in 2018. The forum is the only one the United Nations (UN) recognizes.

This is yet another pact between Norsul and society and the planet.

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